Marine transportation and shipbuilding, including the manufacture of shipboard equipment, are quintessentially international. The movement of goods by sea is a critical component of the global transportation system, with no less than ninety percent of world trade consisting of international shipments by sea.

The world's commercial shipping numbers around fifty thousand vessels plying intercontinental cargo routes. These vessels are registered in over 150 countries, and the total number of crew and service personnel they carry is over a million people of all nationalities. International cargo shipping calls for the translation of huge volumes of documentation on various subjects and for various purposes.

Golden Hind Translation Agency Golden Hind helps world leaders in the shipbuilding and marine transportation industries achieve their market objectives by providing technically accurate and linguistically high-quality translations of:

  • Documentation on vessel and equipment design and construction
  • Standards and technical specifications in the field of marine transportation
  • Shipboard equipment test procedures
  • Shipping-related legal and other documentation

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Construction of an offshore drilling rig supply vessel, a refueling tanker, and a tug/supply boat
  • Development of a floating facility for subsea pipeline repair
  • Construction of marine coastal facilities (Shtokman field)
  • Construction of a semi-submersible drilling rig