Translations in the petroleum industry generally encompass areas such as oil and gas exploration, production, and refining, refinery construction, petroleum equipment operation, and contracts and associated documentation on production processes. Frequently the translator must be familiar with specialist areas of the oil and gas industry such as drilling, completions, workovers, well operation, and the production and transportation of oil and gas.
Preferably also the translator should know which equipment must be used in specific circumstances, what are the problems encountered in the oil and gas industry, and what is done to ensure production safety.

The specifics of translation involving oil and gas often relate to troubleshooting, equipment criticality, and strategies for maintaining the equipment and tracking production efficiency. In many cases the translator needs to be knowledgeable about business and insurance, since field development and production are closely associated with business contracts and, lately, with risk assessment and liability insurance.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Development of the Shtokman gas-condensate field
  • Construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline
  • Construction of the East Siberia ‒ Pacific Ocean oil pipeline
  • Development of the Srednebotuobinsk oil-gas-condensate field
  • Development of the Filanovsky oil-gas-condensate field