The aerospace industry is one of the most technologically advanced fields of engineering, with a high degree of international production integration. In today's world it involves constantly changing regulatory requirements. Aircraft manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and airlines the world over are constantly seeking out new solutions for cutting costs, achieving environmental friendliness and safety, and improving air passenger comfort.

Attaining these strategically important goals would be unimaginable without international cooperation. Comprehensive linguistic support is essential in aviation sectors such as aircraft production, aircraft and airport maintenance, and instrument and equipment manufacture, and for the translation of aircraft manufacturing and air navigation regulations.

Each branch of the industry has its own specifics and its own multitude of specialist terms.

Aircraft production, for example, calls for the translation of various specifications, aviation standards, and test reports. For flight operations, the need is for translated instructions and manuals, along with international regulations, which are also essential for exports of aviation equipment. Exporting aircraft and aviation equipment also requires the translation of large volumes of legal documentation.

Aircraft manufacturers and exporters also frequently request translations of literature describing innovative techniques in aircraft design, manufacture, and outfitting.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Translation of the Joint Aviation Requirements standard
  • Guidelines regulating the use of aviation equipment
  • Space communication systems