Golden Hind Translation Agency provides translations of the following types of automotive industry documents:

  • Documentation for auto manufacturers ‒ feasibility studies, GOST standards, construction codes; documentation on the installation and setup of production lines and equipment
  • Vehicle operating manuals
  • Vehicle maintenance and diagnostic instructions
  • Parts catalogs
  • Marketing and advertising material
  • Presentations and press releases
  • Auto industry websites
  • Auto industry training literature and training sessions

Golden Hind Translation Agency Golden Hind works on an ongoing basis with automotive plants that require translations of large documentation packages including feasibility studies, GOST standards, construction codes, and all the documentation relating to fabrication, installation, and setup of production lines and equipment. After advancing to the production stage, our clients come back to us for translation of the associated documentation packages (instructions and manuals) for vehicles fresh off the production line.

Other frequent clients for automotive translations are sales centers that need translations of the documentation for their showroom vehicles, along with sales brochures and marketing material.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Technical documentation for AvtoVAZ and Mobis auto spares
  • Marketing material, website content, and software for Lexus
  • Hyundai and Renault dealerships
  • Documentation on an automatic road surface analyzer newly supplied to the Russian market