Business translation

It is no exaggeration to say that a nation's economy today relies on international cooperation, which would be unable to develop without translation of business documentation into foreign languages.

Business translations are one of the Golden Hind Translation Agency's principle areas of specialization. Knowledge of the terminology and principles of business and finance are key factors in producing accurate translations. This is why all the translators and editors to whom we assign business translations have specialist education and have taken internships in foreign companies or have an MBA. Our agency staff editors have PhD's in economics and write articles on business and financial topics.

Golden Hind Translation Agency provides translations of the following business documents:

  • Audit reports
  • Bank documentation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Bid documentation
  • Annual reports
  • Business correspondence

Texts involving business and finance feature large amounts of numerical data requiring the translator to take particular care, an abundance of specialist terms, including some that may not exist in the target language, and metaphors and fixed expressions that are difficult for a non-specialist to understand. Mindful of all this, our editors thoroughly go through the translations to check for sound business sense and terminology. Business translations also pass through a quality control system that enables the work to be produced promptly and to high standard.

It is important to add that all our personnel sign a confidentiality agreement guaranteeing nondisclosure of any secret information that may be contained in the documents we receive for translation.