Today's world would be unimaginable without computers and information technologies. The rapid growth of this sector of the economy has engendered the publication of a huge quantity of computer and computer-associated literature – technical documentation, scientific articles, general educational and popular literature on IT and computers, etc.

However, since the pace of development of the computer industry differs from country to country, certain characteristic difficulties arise when it comes to translations in this subject field. The translation process is also complicated by the widespread use of abbreviations in computer literature.

The rapid advance of IT frequently leads to the appearance of new terms or modified meanings of existing terms, and a precise rendition of their meaning in another language then becomes a challenge for the translator.

As part of their job, many computer professionals read a large amount of specialist literature in English and consider themselves capable of translating that literature into their mother tongue. However, without any substantive linguistic training and not attaching great importance to the need to use academic terminology, they liberally sprinkle their translations with anglicisms and jargonese. Unlike them, Golden Hind Translation Agency specialists always produce translations at a high professional level. Their translated texts can be understood not just by computer gurus, but by a broad readership of computer users.

Golden Hind specialists are able to produce highly professional translations of computer literature on subjects such as:

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Software
  • Network equipment
  • Internet technologies (including Internet banking, e-commerce, and electronic payment systems)
  • Web technologies and designs, etc.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Translation of in-house software for a major international bank
  • Translation of software installation instructions and software user manuals for various types of equipment such as cooling equipment, meteorological systems, etc.