Computer assisted translation systems

Golden Hind Translation Agency uses the most advanced information technologies. One of these is the translation memory technology that is used in computer assisted translation (CAT) systems. This technology has a number of advantages over the conventional way in which translators work. Texts can be translated much faster using a CAT and the translator's workload can be significantly reduced. Also, for an entire project that contains numerous documents on the same subject, it keeps the terminology uniform, even if several translators work on it at the same time.

The computer assisted translation systems that we use:

  • Provides all translators and editors, wherever they are geographically located, with a central online platform for sharing information about the project
  • Enables users to work with centralized translation memorieswithout having to acquire their own software licenses
  • Saves time and money by automating the translator processes of:
    • Finding exact matches and fuzzy matches with a translation memory
    • Finding text that is repeated in the document itself
    • Finding context matches
    • Using termbases and other system functionalities
  • Provides all users with round-the-clock access to all databases and documents necessary for the job

The benefits for our clients by using a CAT in our translation agency are faster translation turnaround times, reduced cost, and enhanced translation quality. The savings compared with the conventional method can be as high as 30%, in terms of both time and cost.

For our translators and editors, using a CAT allows them to concentrate solely on the translation without being distracted by text formatting problems or manually searching for previously-encountered sentences. Our CAT system has a simple user interface and allows adjustment of the font size, which is the same for all segments in both the original window and the translation window.
The system itself takes care of keeping the original text formatting. If text recognition of the original or page makeup of the translation (which includes processing graphic images and reformatting text) are required, this is handled professionally by our in-house formatters.

Compared with the old way of translating texts containing repetitions, which required laborious effort to find repetitions and manually replace them with translation, the new method of working with a CAT is pure pleasure. We know that you, too, will be pleased with the translation we provide using this method.