The construction sector is developing rapidly, creating a high demand for construction-related translations. Translations in this field are highly varied, due to the numerous branches of the construction industry – housing, civil engineering, roads, hydraulic engineering, and so forth. Specific documentation is required for each of these branches.

In the housing construction and civil engineering sectors, for instance, we typically translate documents establishing title to property, urban construction plans and permits, drawings, specifications, and development plans.

In the field of industrial construction, we handle mostly feasibility studies, design documentation, conclusions by various oversight agencies, study reports, and expert reviews.

In road construction, translations are needed for process documentation, specifications, and study reports.

And not to be forgotten are the various standards (GOST, SNiP building codes, and ISO) that need to be translated for surveys, design projects, and construction work.

Translations are also needed when construction plans are being submitted for foreign tenders, when countries share their scientific achievements in the construction field, and many other cases.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Construction of the Zhukovka World Class Fitness Center
  • Construction of one of the Fairmont chain hotels
  • Construction of an rotation camp for oilfield development