Order Management System

Golden Hind Translation Agency endeavors to keep things straightforward for its clients and personnel by constantly seeking to improve the process of placing and processing job orders. With this in mind, we introduced an order management system (CRM) that uses automation to greatly simplify the process of placing an order, providing estimates, processing the order, completing the job, and returning it. After accessing the order management system, the client can place a translation order at his own convenience, attaching the files to be translated and any notes relating to the project.

The Golden Hind project managers receive notification that an order has been placed, estimate the size and cost of the job, and post the information on the order page, which is then immediately available to the client.

Once payment has been made, the project manager uses the order management system to allocate the job to begin immediately. The order status is shown on the order page so that the client can track how the job is progressing. The translated files are uploaded onto the order page, where the client can simply download them to his computer. This avoids sending documents by email, which is not always safe with regard to data protection, while the order page is located on a secure server that can be accessed only by the people actually involved in the project.

Our order management system also enables work progress to be tracked graphically. For each job, a diagram shows the start time, deadline, current status, completion time, extension time (if any), and other parameters.

In addition, the order management system allows the client and Golden Hind project manager to communicate with one other on each individual job, keeping a history of messages and actions by the client and the agency (e.g., addition of notes, alteration in progress status, posting and deletion of files).

This is far easier than communicating everything by email, since it can sometimes be very difficult to track the sequence of messages when several documents or projects are being translated at the same time.

Golden Hind's order management system completely streamlines communication between clients, project managers, and translators, and cuts the time spent on processing and completing a job.