The Glossary Project

In an effort to simplify text handling and improve translation quality, Golden Hind Translation Agency develops and introduces its own advanced technology to streamline the translators' and editors' work and the process of communication with the client. Large projects involving long-term collaboration require particular care to ensure that terminology is uniform throughout the project documentation. To achieve that uniformity, we developed the unique Glossary System.

This online solution brings the input by translators, editors, and the client into harmony, enabling all parties to work together in coordination on the project

How the Glossary System works

  • A termbase is created by the translators working on the client's specific project. Terms are assigned the translations that have always been used by the client.
  • Terms entered by the translators are edited and confirmed by professional editors to avoid inconsistencies and preclude errors.
  • If the client has its own glossary, this can be integrated into our online glossary for the client's project, or individual glossary units can be entered as required.
  • The termbase can be loaded from the Glossary into any CAT system.
  • While working in the Glossary System, all users receive email notifications when terms are added or glossary entries are modified. The translator, for example, is notified when the translation of a term he entered in the system has been posted by the editor or the client. The editor in charge of a particular subject receives an email when the translator has posted a glossary unit, and can then immediately edit it.
  • The Glossary System has an intuitive interface allowing term searches according to various user-defined criteria ‒ a search through the entire database of accessible projects or the database for that particular project, a search for individual words or a whole phrase, and so forth.

The result is that everyone involved in the project works in coordination, thus increasing the speed and quality with which it is handled. The Glossary System ensures that there will be no inconsistencies in terminology and helps avoid many of the difficulties encountered in the translation of highly specialized terms.