Interpreting (oral translation) is considered to be the most difficult because the translator has just one opportunity to absorb the information, a brief moment of time to find the equivalent in the other language, and no way to correct any translation errors. It requires instant reaction and excellent memory, with no chance of consulting notes, reference books or dictionaries. Furthermore, the absorption of information can be hindered by the speaker's manner of speech, or by stress or external irritants.

Golden Hind Translation Agency provides all forms of interpreting services, including:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Providing interpreters abroad

Simultaneous interpreting means translating in pace with the speaker and requires special equipment. The interpreters work in pairs in a sound-insulated room, and the audience listens to the translation through earphones.

This form of interpreting saves considerable time and allows the speaker to speak continuously, which is why simultaneous interpreting is called for at various large-scale events such as conferences, symposiums, congresses, seminars, and round tables.

Consecutive interpreting requires the speaker to pause while the interpreter translates what has been said. This does not require any special equipment and is generally less expensive than simultaneous interpreting. This type of interpreting is suitable for events with a small number of people, such as business discussions (including telephone calls), meetings, trips, escort interpreting, etc.

In all cases, Golden Hind Translation AgencyGolden Hind Translation Agencyprovides certified, experienced interpreters for whom one of the requested languages will be their native language, and the other will be spoken fluently.

Events in which Golden Hind interpreters have taken part:

  • 2007. Talks between the general director of IFK Metropol and western partners
  • 2007. Consecutive interpreting at a presentation of Nero 8 by Ahead Software
  • 2008. Neftegaz-2008 oil and gas exhibition. Interpreting at seminars. Client: Rosindustria Holding Company
  • 2009-2011. International energy conferences, where our agency also provided the equipment for simultaneous interpreting. Client: the Market Council [Sovet Rynka]
  • 2010. German Federal Bank seminar entitled Development and application of the expert system used by the Bundesbank to analyze a company's financial status. The working language of the seminar was English, with consecutive interpreting into Russian.
  • 2011. Project Readiness Analysis, November 28 ‒ December 1. A major conference on the project for integrated development of the Shtokman gas/condensate field. Client: Shtokman Development AG