Linguistic analysis

The high professional caliber and qualifications of our specialists, combined with their long experience of handling texts on various subjects and for varied target audiences, enable us to offer clients a linguistic analysis of a translated text. Our language specialists and consultants specializing in the subject will analyze a translation you give us that has been done by another translator or company, will identify its linguistic errors and inaccuracies, grammatical mistakes in the target language, ambiguities, and distortions of the meaning of the original documents, and will present their opinion on the translation quality.

In addition, our company can act as guarantor for the quality of services when a contract is entered into with another translation agency. If disputes arise about the quality of translation services provided by the other translation agency, Golden Hind can therefore act as an independent expert, analyzing the quality of those services and giving a substantiated expert opinion, which will help settle the dispute without legal recourse.