The metallurgical sector is traditionally considered to be one of the country's most important industries. Over the past few years it has been developing rapidly, leading to a high demand for translations on metallurgical topics.

Among the areas of the metallurgical industry where translation demand is highest are:

  • Raw material production
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metal production
  • Alloy production
  • Hot and cold metalworking
  • Application of metallic coatings
  • Welding

Aside from raw material production and all the metallurgical production processes, they include all aspects of metals trading, rolled metals, project services in the metals market, warehousing and transportation services, treatment and processing of raw materials and production waste, and servicing of metallurgical equipment, along with the development, production, and operation of machinery and equipment used in the metallurgical sector.

Among the most numerous types of translation relating to metallurgy are project feasibility studies, documentation on the startup and adjustment of equipment and production lines, documentation on mineral production and processing and analysis of metal ore deposits, and standards.

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Geological exploration of the Shanuch copper and nickel deposit (Far East)
  • New steel rolling techniques put into commercial operation at a steel mill