The electric power industry is the foremost component of the power sector, involving the generation of electricity from thermal, mechanical, nuclear, and other energy sources, along with electricity transmission, distribution, and consumption.
Technical texts for the electric power industry deal with the components of electrical systems and everything associated with them. A large number of these documents deal with the construction and maintenance of power stations and their component parts (boiler units, steam and gas turbines, turbogenerators, capacitors, air heaters, switchgear, hydro turbines, and nuclear reactors) and power transmission lines.

Technical translation for the electric power industry includes:

  • Bid documentation packages
  • Power industry-related insurance policies
  • Power equipment drawings
  • Design documentation for power stations and transmission lines
  • Documentation on safety procedures and the maintenance and repair of power installations
  • Business and legal documentation

Among the major projects to date for which we have provided translation support are:

  • Project documentation for the Unified Energy System of Russia [RAO UES] and the Market Council [Sovet Rynka]
  • Construction and upgrading of power stations and transmission lines in Morocco
  • Tsymlyansk hydropower station upgrade
  • Construction of a new combined cycle plant at the SuGRES power station
  • Votkinsk hydropower station upgrade
  • Large documentation package on analysis of the Kola Peninsula power system and construction of new generating facilities for the Shtokman field