Do you hesitate to send documents to a translation agency in case they fall into the wrong hands? You need to make sure that devious people won't intercept your emailed files?

Then rest assured ‒ keeping our clients' information confidential has been and will always be a top priority for the Golden Hind Translation Agency, and these are not just empty words. We have developed special procedures, including strict disciplinary action against personnel failing to observe our privacy standards, and have created integrated software and hardware solutions that rule out such failures.

Our information privacy procedures include the following:

  1. All Golden Hind personnel use only company mailboxes for their work, and access them via a secure SSL network protocol.
  2. Dedicated servers are used for data storage, transmission, and processing.
  3. We operate an order management system that can be accessed only via a secure SSL protocol using digital security certificates issued by a trusted certification center.
  4. To send large files we do not simply use an FTP protocol, but a secure SFTP protocol with differentiated access rights for our various company users.
  5. If a client wishes us to send data to an unsecure source, we can use PGP technology to encrypt it and create a digital signature.