Language support for IT startups and projects

The aims of every far-reaching project are to liaise with foreign business partners, work with foreign clients, and collaborate with foreign suppliers. In today's globalized world, focusing solely on the local market is something akin to making yourself a recluse. Yet business contacts with foreign parties involve a number of niceties, and the path to mutual understanding is often blocked by ignorance of the foreign language or a lack of qualified specialists to produce good quality translations of the documentation.
Be it an investment package or a presentation, an agreement with foreign business partners or a localization project – the greater part of success virtually depends on translation quality. Because no matter how great your project is, you will find it hard to reach your objectives unless you give all the right information about it to the right people.
Golden Hind Translation Agency provides comprehensive language support for startups and all types of international projects in the realm of information technologies (IT) and other sectors.
Continuously self-developing and building their own projects, the staff at Golden Hind Translation Agency have first-hand knowledge of the problems encountered by startup organizers in the phases of market research, concept development, finding investors, and the launch itself. Translation of articles and research on the topics of interest to you, translation of presentations for business partners and investors, translation of all the investment documentation, and localization of the project itself – these are just some of the many services that Golden Hind Translation Agency provides in working with startups.