Welcome to the team!

Golden Hind Translation Agency invites applications from professional translators and editors for long-term work. Our company makes extensive use of freelancers for its translation projects. If you have the right knowledge, skills, and experience as described in your resume, we would like you to join us. You may submit your resume written in free form or fill out a Master-Resume on our website.

As soon as we have a project requiring your skills, we will be in touch with you. Please devote some thought to your resume. Our decision to work with you will depend on how extensive it is. Before being assigned a job, you will need to do a short test translation. If it is successful, the job will be yours. Our rates for translation services vary widely depending on the translator's skills and experience.

Please pay careful attention to the quality of the test pieces you translate. Bear in mind the following:

  1. We will decide from the translation test whether we would like to work with you. Even if you do have 30 years' experience, shining references from top world companies, and a doctorate in science, it will not affect our decision to turn you down if the test translation is unsatisfactory.
  2. Careless errors in the test translation are a sure guarantee that we will be unable to give you work.
  3. Any untranslated or unexplained acronyms, abbreviations, and units of measurement where explanation is warranted will be sure evidence that the translator is incapable of producing professional-level translations.
  4. We attach high importance to good writing. If the text is full of grammatical, stylistic, and other errors ‒ even if there are no factual errors ‒ you can consider that you have wasted your time on the test.
  5. Do not take on a translation test if you are completely unfamiliar with the subject matter.

Currently, we need:

  • Translator/Reviewer of Financial and Legal texts
  • Translator/Reviewer of Technical texts

  • Technical translators and Reviewers of Oil and Gas texts (Russian language)
  • Technical translators and Reviewers of Computer and IT texts (Russian language)
  • Technical translators and Reviewers of Legal texts (Russian language)
  • Technical translators and Reviewers of Financial texts (Russian language)