Written translation

Written translations constitute the form of translation that is most often requested, with a broad range of subject matter and for widely differing purposes.

Since its launch in 2002 with literary translations, Golden Hind Translation Agency has considerably expanded its field of specialization and today offers translations of both literary texts and technical, business, and legal documentation.

Written translations can sometimes present a challenge, requiring the involvement of dozens of specialists ‒ translators, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and other experts ‒ which demands great care in selecting the right people and managing the workflow. In addition to our many years of translation experience and highly qualified personnel, our extensive use of technology enables us to efficiently handle the most complex written translation projects. Permanent access by our specialists to translation databases, online glossaries, and translation memories for each individual project makes the translation process considerably easier and faster, enhancing quality by providing terminological uniformity and accuracy.

Golden Hind Translation Agency offers a full spectrum of technical, legal, and business translation services, including:

  • Technical translation: Design documentation, manuals, normative documentation (statements of work, feasibility studies, design specifications, building codes, GOST standards), equipment catalogs, instructions, technical descriptions, specifications, etc.
  • Legal translation: Legal instruments of any country in the world, agreements, incorporation documents, powers of attorney, judicial documents, notarized translation.
  • Business translation: Financial documentation, bank documentation, etc.
  • Website translation and software localization: Development of foreign language versions of websites, embedded software (or firmware) localization, localization of PC system or application software, and localization and internationalization of Internet software.
  • Fiction, scientific and popular science literature: Books and journals in various disciplines, from chemistry and biology to history and sociology.